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Our members willingly share their knowledge and expertise and have developed a range of excellent resources


Everything you need to know about planning for a trip.


Excellent hints and tips prepared specifically with the 4WD enthusiast in mind.

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Everything from first aid kits, snake bites, bush fires and recovery equipment.


Our members favorite recipes and camp oven tips.


A bit of this and a bit of that including map reading and photography tips.

Trip Tips
4WD Day Trips

March 2021

Day trips can be just as challenging as longer trips so it is important you are prepared for all possible scenarios.

Trip Report Suggestions.png
Writing Trip Reports

October 2020

Need to write a Trip Report but not sure where to start? Here's some suggestions to get the ball rolling.

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Planning & Preparing for Extended 4WD Trips


Long experience guided this document by John Kent and Paul & Jenny Kingdom.


Camping Checklist.jpg
Camping Checklist

February 2021

Ever been on a camping trip and forgotten the essentials? Our camping checklist will help you prepare for your next trip.

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Track Classification


4WD recreational track classification and corresponding WW4WDC classification.


Club Trips

November 2020

In this article Kelli Edwards reminds us that club trips do not always have to be off-road 4WD adventures.

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Min. Requirements


This document details the expected minimum requirements to participate in a WW4WDC trip.


Driving Tips
Dealing with Dust.png
Dealing with Dust

​Written by John Kent this article provides some handy tips when driving in dusty conditions.


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Hill Stall Recovery

Another great article by John Kent providing step by step instructions for both auto and manual hill stall recoveries.


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Bush Trip Prep.

Learn about the 7 P's of Bush Driving... and some other helpful fips.


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IP Ratings

Water and Dust Proofing "Ingress Protection" Rating information.


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Winch Maintenance

It sits there out of the way, rarely used. But when you need it, you need it! Make sure your winch is in tip-top condition by following this maintenance checklist.


Why do we 4WD.png
Why do we 4WD?

Graham McKenzie has perfectly captured the essence of 4WDriving in this article.

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Equipment to Carry

Must have, should have and nice to have equipment to carry when 4WD driving.


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One of the most important, and problematic, things influencing the performance of your 4WD.


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Vehicle Idling

Allan Whiting's advice on why you shouldn't start your 4x4 & let it idle before starting driving


Vehicle Recovery Guide

Your guide to safe, efficient and effective vehicle recovery, compiled by John Kent


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John's Laws of 4WD

John Kent's 27 Laws for 4WDing.


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UHF Antennas

Some useful information from the Autobarn Christmas Catalogue 2016 regarding UHF antennas.


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Recovery/Traction Boards

An overview of the Why, When & How to use recovery boards


Safety Tips
Bushfire Safety

NSW Tourism & Recreation Caravan and Camping Bushfire Safety Brochure.


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Snake Bite Advice

Snake bite advice from the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

5 October 2017

Lighting a Fire

RFS Quick Facts guide to your responsibilities when lighting a fire.


Vehicle Weights 2021_001.png
Vehicle Weights

All 4WDers need to know their rig doesn't exceed the legal GVM/GCM. This document by John Kent explains the jargon and shows how to estimate yours.


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First Aid Kits

Local Pharmacist Michael O'Reilly shares his thoughts on what to include in your First Aid Kit.


Camp Cooking
Camp Ovens

May 2017

Everything you need to know about choosing, preparing, cooking and cleaning your camp oven.


Other Tips
PDF icon.png
Map Reading

Map reading and navigation is an essential skill for safe and enjoyable bush travel. Learn more in this article by John Kent.

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Energy Usage Worksheet

Ian Davidson's worksheet to help you work out how much 12V power you need

PDF icon.png

Learn about the relationship between aperture and shutter speeds and how to use these for great photos.

PDF icon.png
Approx Energy Usage For Some 12V Devices

Some real-life values you can use to calculate how much power you need, courtesy of

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12V Terminology

Redarc's dictionary of terms used when talking about 12V, solar & batteries

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